Keep Your Construction Projects Smooth and Easy

Keep Your Construction Projects Smooth and Easy

Heavy equipment repair in Lubbock, TX

Your construction equipment isn't very useful with a damaged engine, is it? Don't let your broken equipment waste space on your property. Get it fixed up at Quinn's Diesel. We can repair all types of construction equipment, including:

  • Maintainer
  • Excavators
  • Tractors

Contact us today to schedule a repair at our shop in Lubbock, Texas.

3 types of construction repair we can handle

When your construction equipment stops working correctly, you need a professional's assistance right away. Our talented auto experts provide:

  1. Engine repair and rebuilding: If your equipment's diesel engine breaks down, we'll get it back up and running ASAP.
  2. Hydraulic cylinder repair: We'll dissemble and rebuild your equipment to repair your hydraulic cylinder if needed.
  3. Replacement parts: If your engine doesn't need a complete overhaul, we can still provide simple replacement parts to make it run smoothly again.

Don't wait around any longer. Visit Quinn's Diesel ASAP to make your damaged equipment run like new again.