Your One Stop Shop for Engine Repair

Your One Stop Shop for Engine Repair

Car and Other Vehicle Repair in Lubbock, TX

You can count on our mechanics at Quinn's Diesel for more than just Diesel vehicles. We are proud to offer services for cars and other vehicles at our shop in Lubbock, Texas. Whether it is a transmission repair or an oil change you can ensure your vehicle will be in the right hands. Our teams of experts is backed by years of expertise and experience. We offer affordable services and have faced almost every car issue; we have the skills to make sure your vehicle is taken care of. Come visit our shop today in Lubbock, TX

Tell Us What is Wrong with your Vehicle

Quinn’s Diesel offers a variety of services suited for you cars, diesel trucks, and other vehicles. We will make sure to:

  • Keep You on the Road : We are thorough with inspections and tune-ups to insure that your car lasts longer on the road
  • Make Your Car Easy to Drive : We will run diagnostics and double check your shocks and tires. This will keep your drive smooth and safe
  • Keep Your Wallet Happy : We are open and honest about what is going on with your vehicle. Never worry that you are a paying more than you have to with us!