Switch Gears Smoothly Again

Switch Gears Smoothly Again

Visit us for transmission repair in Lubbock, TX

Your vehicle’s transmission supplies its power. When your transmission stops working correctly, you’ll have issues getting into the right gear. Fortunately, Quinn’s Diesel can get rid of your transmission problems as soon as they show up. We offer transmission repair services for all types of vehicles and construction equipment. Call 806-744-0070 right now to speak with a licensed auto mechanic about your vehicle’s issues.

3 signs you need transmission repair

Do you think you might have a transmission problem? Check your vehicle for common signs like:

  1. Grinding, shaking or shimmying noises when you change gears
  2. A smell like something is burning inside your vehicle
  3. Leaking transmission fluids

If you notice any of these signs, bring your vehicle in to the pros at Quinn’s Diesel ASAP. Our auto experts can replace automatic transmissions and repair manual ones. Call 806-744-0070 today for a free estimate from experienced and trusted transmission repair pros.